Isabella de Medici's farm draws its origins from the estates that belonged to the Medici family and who saw the territories of Cerreto Guidi and neighboring (Vinci, Fucecchio, Monsummano Terme, etc.) as hunting grounds of the noble Florentine family. The Medici family built one of the most beautiful Tuscan Medicean Villas in Cerreto Guidi: the Medicean Villa of Cerreto Guidi...

Our wines

The Sangiovese grosso grapes as a base for the great Tuscan wines
Our production mainly concerns the Sangiovese grape, in an area particularly suited within a typically Tuscan landscape.
Our wine originates in the countryside of Cerreto Guidi where the climate is characterized by strong temperature variations, detail that allows the area to be particularly suitable for viticulture, making the maturation of our grapes slow and steady, with an elegant final result.

Olive oil

The genuineness and taste of Tuscan olive oil
To obtain the best characteristics for our extra virgin olive oil, we follow with passion and attention every phase of the processing. Our olive groves stretch out on the slopes of Montalbano and on the hills of Vinci and Cerreto Guidi, particularly suitable areas that offer the typical views of the Tuscan countryside.
Isabella de Medici extra virgin olive oil is excellent for the preparation of typical dishes of Tuscan Mediterranean cuisine. It is advisable to taste it raw on vegetable salads and soups.

Welcome in the cellar

Wine shop and tasty room
Looking directly at the Isabella de Medici cellars it is possible to buy our products in the winery, where you can find a wide selection of wines and typical Tuscan products. Also available in bulk wines or supplied in practical 5 or 10 liters bag-in-boxes.
By appointment we organize meetings for guided tastings, where a sommelier helps to know the various products explaining their characteristics and quality.


Fattoria Isabella De Medici Di Cappellini Soc. Agr. S.S.

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